Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wash and go in record time with Pure Nuff Stuff’s Hair and Body Bar

purenuffstuff.jpgFor many of us in the twenty-first century time is of the essence and we never seem to have enough of it. Yeah, it would be great to blend some essential oils and make our own shampoo and body washes, but in reality we sometimes prefer to let someone else do the work. Buying natural beauty products need not cost a small fortune if you are prepared for multi-functional items. Pure Nuff Stuff’s Hair and Body Bar is a quick and convenient way to wash and go without leaving unwanted chemical residues behind and it’s a snip at just £2.95.

Why waste all your hard earned money on soap, shampoo and unnecessary packaging, when you can just buy a catch all solution. Pure Nuff Stuff sell hand-made natural skincare products without SLS, parabens, urea, synthetic fragrances, DEAs, MEAs, TEAs and the thousands of other chemicals that are ever more frequently prompting health concerns. They offer a handy bespoke service, altering the essential oil mixtures if you prefer something different, which is great for allergy sufferers.

Refreshingly, Pure Nuff Stuff also avoid making ludicrous claims about the appearance enhancing properties of their products, none of their items are tested on animals, they are tested on family and friends and they all originate from natural sources. They are not certified organic but claim that many of the ingredients they use have never been farmed inorganically because the growers and producers cannot afford the chemicals and pesticides in the first place.

I am impressed by Pure Nuff Stuff’s honesty, range of products and prices and will certainly be going back for more.