Thursday, 2 August 2007

Get the crème de la crème of organic beauty buys at Kickfresh

kickfresh.jpgFor a selection of natural and organic beauty products, available online, take a look at Kickfresh offer a range of products for the skin, hair and body by well-known beauty brands such as: Aubrey Organics, Beauty Bible fave - Spiezia, Suki, Mother Earth and Weleda.

Kickfresh was established by Kerry Ojari. During her pregnancy Kerry became concerned about the nature of the products she was using on her skin and how these might affect her unborn baby. As a result, she refrained from buying most of her usual beauty products, which led to another problem, how to avoid smelling a bit whiffy. Kelly says,

“I quickly realised there aren't many places to shop where you could get a wide choice of really good quality skin care products, so there and then I decided to start my own business selling natural and organic skin care for all the family. Every product is tested out on my willing human guinea pigs to make sure they really are as good as they promise and if they don’t pass the grade they don’t get on the website. Every product on the website features a review by its guinea pigs.”

All the products available on Kickfresh are cruelty-free, natural or organic and many of them are Soil Association certified. Kelly is now passionate about using natural products,

“I have always been environmentally aware but becoming a mum is the most powerful incentive for ensuring that not only would you do your utmost to ensure the planet has a future but also to protect yourself and your loved ones. I am extremely dedicated to issues now that I would never have crossed my mind before. I think it's never too late for anyone to start getting interested in what they eat, what they put on their skin and the environment.”

There are some fabulous products available at Kickfresh and you can rest assured that you are purchasing skin care solutions that are both natural and excellent quality, without having to scour the internet for hours!

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