Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hold your hair in place the natural way with Suncoat

suncoat.jpgFor those who have switched to natural beauty and hair care products and for those sitting on the fence, I bet you never thought you’d be able to find natural hair spray. I had resigned myself to using a slick of moisturiser to keep my locks in place, that is, until I discovered Suncoat Hair Styling Spray. Regular hairsprays are fundamentally liquid plastic and overexposure to the stuff has been linked with a respiratory illness known as ‘hairdresser’s lung.’ Other health concerns related to hairspray include contact dermatitis, breathing problems and nail abnormalities. The synthetic resins used in hair spray, such as PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer) and acrylate polymer are not very eco-friendly.

Suncoat’s hair spray is sugar based and derived from natural renewable sources, as well as being alcohol-free, to avoid dry hair. A quick look at the ingredients will reassure you of the innocuous nature of this styling product and a quick spray on your hair will have you converted. This hair spray provides plenty of hold without compromising your health or the environment. It certainly gets my vote and while you are perusing Suncoat’s website be sure to check out the other fantastic items, such as the sugar based mascara and liquid eyeliner. These are the most natural make-up items I have seen to date!

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